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My channel focuses on teaching people how to improve their YouTube Channel. I teach people how to make their Channel look and sound better, while also covering some thing like getting monetized and growing your audience.

This particular video compares two of my main cameras, the Canon EOS 90D vs the Panasonic Lumix G95. I'm using a 24mm f/2.6 lens on the Canon and a 14mm f/2.5 lens on the Lumix. Because the Lumix is a Micro Four Thirds system, the 14mm lens works out to about 28mm... and because the 90D has an APS-C crop sensor both lenses are pretty evenly matched, with the Lumix a bit wider.

I moved the Lumix slightly forward so they look basically the same. Both were shot at 30fps using a Shure SM7B and a Zoom F6 to record audio.

I'll be doing a head to head video shortly c... [More]

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Shure MV7 vs SM7B and Super 55

I'm very impressed with this microphone. Simply stated, it's a great low cost and easy to use alternative to the SM7B. Here's why.

There are two major types of microphones, Condensers and Dynamics. Condenser mics are very sensitive, so they often pick up distracting room noise and echos. Dynamics are less sensitive, so they only pick up whatever is right in front of it. That's why the SM7B is so popular among podcasters. Unfortunately, the SM7B is out of range for many people because it's not only more expensive, but you need a bunch of expensive gear to use it.

That's what I LOVE about the MV7. It gives you some of the best features of the SM7B, without all the complexity or expenses. It can be connected directly to your computer via USB, plus it has an XLR connector for mor... [More]

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In this video, I start my journey into the world of voice acting, voice-overs, and Audio Book narration, as I give a quick tour of my new WhisperRoom recording studio. My goal in this particular video is to figure out the best way to setup and acoustically treat the Whisper Room to remove echo and improve the noise floor. My first ATTEMPT is to try to use low cost Roxul RockWool Safe and Sound, which is only $50 per bundle of 12 batts.

That's a lot cheaper than Owens Corning 703, which costs over $100 for just 3 panels.

I'm new to Voice-Overs and narration.

In fact, I've never been paid to do voice acting or narration but I'm learning how to do it right now and I thought it would be great if I shared what I learn, as I learn it.

I post a new idea each day on my Idea of the Da... [More]

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